Self-Love is the Best Love

Relationship Remodeling

Vision Board

Zoom Experience!

February 15th & 16th

12-1pm EST

(2 DAY Virtual Experience

-1 hour each day)

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship? Do you need a change, but don’t know where to start? The Relationship Remodel vision board workshop can help you get out of the same old cycle, and show you ways to create a more fulfilling relationship.

Relationship Remodel is a self-love event that offers a unique opportunity to take a break and refocus on yourself. By attending, you’ll learn how to re-discover your inner strength and core values, as well as get tips and strategies for building a better relationship with yourself and your partner.

Come to Relationship Remodel and learn how to create a stronger, more fulfilling relationship with yourself and your partner. Sign up today, and start your journey to a better relationship!

  • Define your long term goals

  • Set Your Milestones to Mark Your Progress

  • Design Your Celebration to Reward Your Accomplishments

  • Face the Next Year with a Clear Plan of Action

  • Commit Yourself to Your Dream

What You Will Accomplish


Make the commitment to yourself to strive for your long-term goal. By defining what it is you want, you are promising yourself to take action on making progress towards your goal.


Designing an action plan is about knowing your destination and the necessary steps required to get there. Having a plan not only allows you to mark your progress on your journey, but it allows you to reflect on your efforts to see where improvements can be made.


Big dreams become more realistic to achieve when you segment them into manageable milestones. Feeling successful every time you make progress, instead of feeling overwhelmed by how much there is still to do, will keep you motivated.

Success Stories

I loved this exercise of self reflection and setting manageable goals. It helped me realize what I need to focus on to get the life I desire!

I did this with my husband as you suggested, and we are more in love and in synch than ever! I wish we met you sooner!

I attended your workshop last year, and since then my business has boomed, I am in the best shape of my life, and I found the man of my dreams!

Only $30 to Sign Up (or $15 for replay)

The next RELATIONSHIPS Vision Board Workshop is

February 15 & 16 from 12-1 EST each day!

(all sessions are recorded and available only to registered participants)

Great way to reflect on your relationships at home, work, friends, spouse, kids, and especially THE ONE WITH YOURSELF! Let's make this the happiest and healthiest year yet!

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