3 Tips to Build Accountability in Your Life

3 Tips to Build Accountability in Your Life

June 19, 20224 min read

3 Tips to Build Accountability in Your Life

Life gets busy. It’s easy to let things slide or put tasks on the back burner, especially when it comes to your own goals! Read on to learn my 3 best tips to build accountability in your life!

Why Should I Build Accountability?

It is so easy to let the little things slip. When you have a lot on your plate, you may let go of things that are important to you because someone or something else became more important!

But let me tell you that everyone needs accountability to reach their goals! When I have a community to back me up, I not only accomplish my goals, but I get more done!

If you are an entrepreneur, mom, or work from home, it is very common to put your own goals, plans, and dreams on the back burner. But guess what?

You deserve your time, too!


Tip #1- Build Accountability By Taking Back Control

You need to let yourself do things for you!

Take back control of your life. Build accountability for yourself by giving yourself space and time to do the things that are important to you.

In my group coaching program, I teach the importance of setting aside time for yourself and making it a priority. While we do three live workouts each week, you should be setting aside some time for yourself every single day!

If we let life happen, life will just keep happening to us.

Tip #2- Put It On Your Schedule

Truth be told, if it’s not on your calendar, it’s probably not going to happen!

We all have good intentions when it comes to reaching our goals and accomplishing tasks, but things slip much more frequently if they aren’t written down.

If you’re not the type of person to write it out, then practice saying it out loud! Say, “I am ready to work out”, “I am ready to live a healthier lifestyle”, “I am ready to feel more confident in my body”, or whatever it is that you want to accomplish. Get it out there in the open, and then make it happen!

This is also where an accountability partner may come in. If you find that writing it down or saying it out loud is still too easy to brush to the side, build accountability by finding someone to cheer you on! This could be a friend, partner, coworker, or a community of women like those in my group fitness program! Tell your accountability partner what you want to accomplish, then have them hold you accountable to complete it.

Tip #3- Lean on Your Community

No one can do it alone. Even as a coach, I still have coaches I turn to, am part of masterminds, and have people in my life to hold me accountable.

If you want to build accountability, you need to have a community! You need people to celebrate with you, build you up, cheer you on, and give you the confidence to keep going.

My Revival Retreats are all about creating a community, building accountability, and finding the confidence you need to reach your goals. These 6-day retreats in Costa Rica are perfect for women who need to reset, reflect, and figure out what they need to do to take the next step in life. I am hosting two more retreats this year… One from September 24–29th and one for female veterans November 13–18th. These spots sell out quickly, so make sure to reserve yours today!


Build Accountability By Showing Up

The only way that confidence comes is by consistently showing up for you. If you show up and do it, no matter how messy, you can accomplish great things. If you don’t know where you are going, no one else can get you there! So show up, build accountability, and work towards your dreams!

If you want to practice building that accountability, you need to join my Group Fitness Program. In this private community, we push each other to reach our fitness goals and feel amazing! Check out my different subscription plan options and join our community today!

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