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My journey as a life coach started in a time of transitions. After serving in the United States Air Force – Air National Guard since 2002 – I resigned from my full-time career, accepting a promotion as a Human Resource Advisor, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Certified Coach, Emotional Intelligence Facilitator, and Temperament Instructor, which was a part-time position. I moved from Buffalo, New York, where all my friends and family were, to Harrisburg, PA, where my husband was stationed with the United States Army. I attempted to transition to a civilian lifestyle, applying for positions with many companies, but I was continually getting rejected. Feeling frustrated and isolated, I began to doubt myself. I found myself longing for the life I used to have. I knew I was meant for more than what I had been doing, but to become the woman I was meant to be, I needed to rebuild my identity.

In 2017, I hired a coach who specialized in transitioning Veterans. Guiding me through this tumultuous time in my personal and professional life, she challenged and empowered me to find my true passion that I could build my future career around. Through a process of interviewing, journaling, and discussing my options, I was able to determine that what I wanted to do was to help people reach beyond their comfort zone to lead a healthy, happy, thriving life. On November 1, 2017, I made the decision to start my own coaching business.

I am no stranger to the effects of stress and health concerns on the mind, body, and spirit. I have many stories of resilience, hope and strength that I share to motivate my clients. In 2005 I was confined to a wheelchair. I went from being unable to walk to running 25 marathons and a 50 mile race without the aid of medication. I have survived two major health scares.

Through my personal experiences, in combination with my professional training, I have developed a variety of tools and courses that I want to share with my clients to give them the hope and encouragement they need to transform their lives.

I started teaching in-person mindset, HIIT, and Kickboxing classes in parks, community centers, and kid’s dance camps. I volunteered for several speaking events, including races, women’s empowerment seminars, as well as on wellness and resilience podcasts. As a former NFL Cheerleader and professional Belly Dancer, I know how to bring energy and excitement to any room to make fitness and health fun! I focus on being a role model and a community builder, bringing like-minded people together and empowering them to crews beyond their limits.

When the Covid-19 pandemic caused the gyms to shut down, I had to adapt to a situation that was out of my control, yet affected everyone. I switched to all virtual training, streaming free classes twice a day that improved the mental and physical health of men, women, and their kids all over the United States. Overcoming the challenges presented by the pandemic has allowed me to grow both as an individual and as a business. I have developed several new tools and programs to help women and men from the privacy of their own home. In 2022 I published my first book “Your Krystal Clear Life Planner: A woman’s 90 Day Action Plan to Embrace Chaos and Live a Fulfilling Life!”

Speaking & Appearances

Speaking & Appearances

I love to motivate and inspire people. When I speak in front of an audience, I bring the same level of energy and engagement that I provide for my clients. Having gone through a number of personal and professional transitions, my perspective combined with my magnetic personality delivers an empowering message to those seeking to improve their lives. Instead of boring my audience with PowerPoint slides, I connect with them through my ability to relate to the challenges and obstacles that I have overcome myself and have helped hundreds of people overcome by coaching them to improve their mindset, fitness, and interpersonal connections.

Leadership Consulting

As a Diversity and Inclusion Coach, I have developed programs for the workplace that allow teams to develop or improve their communication skills. My programs are designed to help individuals understand their own personality, biases, emotional intelligence, and value sets, as well as that of their coworkers, enabling them to more effectively convey their thoughts and ideas, as well as actively listen to others and understand their colleagues’ perspectives. To keep my audience engaged, I incorporate exercises to help individuals discover how they interpret and react to information, as well as team-building exercises that generate a healthy workplace environment that increases both employee retention and overall workplace efficiency.

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Your Krystal Clear LIfe Planner

Your Krystal Clear Life Planner helps you define your goals, establish healthy habits, manage your time, and track your progress so that you can lead a fulfilling life. I developed this system from my fitness, mindset, personal, and professional development courses to help women improve their lives so they can pursue their dreams and aspirations.

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Stay connected with us!

© Copyrights by Krystalore Crews. All Rights Reserved.