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Online Community

Join our online community of determined, ambitious women who work every day to improve themselves and their lives. Get support, advice, and encouragement from like-minded women as we move forward on our respective journeys and celebrate one another’s successes. Recieve early access to free classes, new programs, and special events.

Life Planner

Your Krystal Clear Life Planner helps you define your goals, establish healthy habits, manage your time, and track your progress so that you can lead a fulfilling life. I developed this system from my fitness, mindset, personal, and professional development courses to help women improve their lives so they can pursue their dreams and aspirations.

30 Day Habit Tracker

My 30 day habit tracker is the perfect tool for anyone looking to make a shift in their fitness and life. This is designed to help you keep track of the habits you want to build into your daily routine, identify patterns of where you have made progress, and reflect upon where you can improve. As you start making adjustments and celebrating your successes, you will begin to see the progress you are making and experience firsthand how committing yourself to my programs helps people Crews beyond their limits.

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Keynote Speaker

I love to motivate and inspire people. When I speak in front of an audience, I bring the same level of energy and engagement that I provide for my clients. Having gone through a number of personal and professional transitions, my perspective combined with my magnetic personality delivers an empowering message to those seeking to improve their lives. Instead of boring my audience with PowerPoint slides, I connect with them through my ability to relate to the challenges and obstacles that I have overcome myself and have helped hundreds of people overcome by coaching them to improve their mindset, fitness, and interpersonal connections.

Leadership Consulting

As a Diversity and Inclusion Coach, I have developed programs for the workplace that allow teams to develop or improve their communication skills. My programs are designed to help individuals understand their own personality, biases, emotional intelligence, and value sets, as well as that of their coworkers, enabling them to more effectively convey their thoughts and ideas, as well as actively listen to others and understand their colleagues’ perspectives. To keep my audience engaged, I incorporate exercises to help individuals discover how they interpret and react to information, as well as team-building exercises that generate a healthy workplace environment that increases both employee retention and overall workplace efficiency.

Upcoming Workshops

You get to design the life you desire! In this workshop, you'll define your goals, set milestones, and begin your journey towards your epic limitless lifestyle! With my framework, you'll design a plan to help you achieve your life, relationship, career, financial, social, and spiritual dreams and goals! You'll leave with steps to implement action immediately to level up your life!

Crews beyond your limits with my 5 day free confidence and fitness course that will shift your mindset so you can build the necessary habits to establish a fitness routine and unleash your inner bombshell!Set yourself up for summer feeling your best, healthiest version of yourself!

Transform your dreams into achievable goals in my business start-up workshop. It is time to define your long-term goals, lay out the steps to achieve them, and have a clear plan of action for your new business venture. Commit yourself to attaining your limitless lifestyle and celebrate your progress as you hit your milestones and transform your life.

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© Copyrights by Krystalore Crews. All Rights Reserved.

Stay connected with us!

© Copyrights by Krystalore Crews. All Rights Reserved.