Transform your dreams into achievable goals in my business start-up workshop. It is time to define your long-term goals, lay out the steps to achieve them, and have a clear plan of action for your new business venture. Commit yourself to attaining your limitless lifestyle and celebrate your progress as you hit your milestones and transform your life.

  • Define your long term goals

  • Set Your Milestones to Mark Your Progress

  • Design Your Celebration to Reward Your Accomplishments

  • Face the Next Year with a Clear Plan of Action

  • 1 Hour Start-up Strategy Call

  • Business Plan Matrix

  • Own Your Business Pitch Outline

  • Start-Up Checklist: Step by Step Process to Reduce Overwhelm

  • Fab 5 Secrets to Entrepreneur's Success

  • Time Management Techniques

  • Access to My Preferred Vendor Network

What You Will Accomplish


Know where your business is going and the growth milestones you will need to achieve along the way. Having a plan not only allows you to mark your progress on your journey, but it allows you to reflect on your efforts to see where improvements can be made.


Use my business start-up resources and follow the step-by-step process to ensure you have everything in place to take your business to the next level. Learn how to utilize and expand your network as your business continues to grow.


Big dreams become more realistic to achieve when you segment them into manageable milestones. Feeling successful every time you make progress, instead of feeling overwhelmed by how much there is still to do, will keep you motivated and on task.

Success Stories

I always feel energized, motivated, and clear with my next steps after each meeting.

You helped me capitalize on my strengths, and gave me a clear roadmap for success.


She really knows how to motivate me to move, give actionable next steps, and cheers me on along the way. I feel so empowered!

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© Copyrights by Krystalore Crews. All Rights Reserved.

Stay connected with us!

© Copyrights by Krystalore Crews. All Rights Reserved.