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Costa Rica

Revive and Thrive

Women's Wellness Retreat


The ultimate wellness retreat! Join us for Fun, Fitness, and Adventures!

Give the ULTIMATE gift of self love, confidence and self care to those who need it most!


They are busy women, care-takers, Veterans, military spouses, and entrepreneurs who always hustling. They feel like they are so busy to take a moment to relax and have a “me time”. They sometimes feel guilty to take a nap or workout because everyone is counting on them to do all the things. They keep delaying their own self care vacation because they can’t step away too long from their company or their family.

This retreat is made for them. They are planners, doers, and servant leaders. We understand that what they need is just to unwind and get out of their environment to invigorate their life, reset goals and learn habits to return happier and healthier. We understand who are trying to achieve. They’re trying to get to their goals for their family, fitness, or business and take care of so many different things in their personal and professional life. Sometimes they forget to take care of themselves. But, they want to start investing in their self-care and their fitness. They want to be guided on this. They want to be surrounded by a supportive network of women so they do not feel alone in their journey. They want to be presented with self-care ideas, healthy habits, and alternatives that can help maximize their self-care investment to avoid burnout and improve their relationships.


Join brands in helping us inspire and impact the creative women throughout this retreat.

Your support allows us to continue our mission and gives your brand an environment to get directly to your audience and elevates your brand through in-person connections.



Veteran & Mil Spouse | CEO | Retreat Leader


Performance Coach | Events Manager


Customer Experience Director


Veteran Community Outreach | Mindfulness Coach


Mil Spouse | Social Media Manager


Veteran & Mil Spouse | Brand Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions! But if you have more send me a message here!

What Airport should we fly into?

Liberia (LIR) Airport, about 20 minute drive to retreat location. Transportation to and from airport will be provided for you by a private driver. If you choose to arrive early or stay longer, your transportation is your responsibility. 

What should we pack?

I will go over all of the details with you and provide a packing list so you're fully prepared for an incredible experience!

Do I need my Passport?

Yes, please make sure it's current prior to booking. Take care of any potential name changes so there are no issues checking in. 

Do I need to be incredibly fit to attend?

No, but you must commit to moving your body and challenging yourself no matter what! Come as you are, we will meet you where you are at and you will be supported. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you will move your body to your level of fitness and will return home having the #CrewsBeyondLimits experience!

Will there be internet access?

Yes, there is free wifi on site; however, you're here to retreat and experience the beauty of nature and your retreat sisters away from the screens. There will be time to check in with family and take care of necessary business if needed. 

Do I need to reserve any activities while I'm there?

No, everything will be booked for you! Just show up and be prepared for an experience!

How much cash should I bring?

It's recommended to bring $100 in singles for gratuity, plus money for souvenirs and snacks while we're off the property.

What's NOT included?

Air travel, mandatory travel insurance, COVID protocol, souvenir shopping, gratuity, premium alcohol, optional activities. 

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